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Hey, we used to shop over in Merrillville... got turned around and found Boom Town Fireworks Dyer. One look at the prices and variety of merchandise deals told us we found ourselves a new home.We are so excited to have found a place that caters to experienced pyro boys who want better stuff.
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We love our "early bird" shoppers and reward them with a loyalty card program.
Early Bird Shoppers

Artillery Shells worthy of the backseat ( not the trunk)

Not a party without some crackers!
Get your Free 4000 Roll* w in store purchase!

Vows plus Wows! Julie/Brian
Sparklers Create Magical Moments

Good taste in pyro starts young
Lots of brand new Zipper Cakes!

Biggest savings/Biggest assortment kit!

Thanks shoppers for making Boom Town Fireworks your home for pyro!

The wedding sparklers from Boom Town Fireworks in Dyer, IN were a hit. The looks on our guests faces were priceless. Sparklers should be mandatory at all weddings. Brian and Julie Becker
Wedding Sparkers

Hey we have been coming here for 3 years now and we always shop early. Boom Town Fireworks in Dyer Indiana always "runs low" on our fav's if we wait too long.

Spending a grand on your show? YOU GET 2X more in product than any other outlet store.
Boom Town Customer

1ST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! Parents let them carry out their stash. Grinning faces says it all. The one says "I cant wait to see the space ship take off " and the other says "Dad, Can we try to fire at it with the candles?
Kid Friendly!

Boy did they load up their carts with Girandola's!!!
Boom Town Customer

We have lots of Mines now in stock in our artillery section!
Boom Town Customer

Firecracker Bill buys five 16,000 rolls here each year for his show. See firecrackerbill video at youtube.com
Boom Town Customer

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! We have the deals!!
Boom Town Customer

Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you only had today.
Dream Event

Gave us a copy of DVD "Joe&Brian's Firework show 2008" up on youtube.com We will add the hyperlink shortly so you can see how nice a class c show can be. They do give credit at the end that they buy most of their product each year with us here at Boom Town Fireworks DYER,IN
Boom Town Customer

High Rollers with a big haul - getting ready for the big day!
Boom Town Customer

Our personal tech-saviors, they pulled an all nighter to make sure our website had videos for all of you! We love these guys!
Boom Town Customer

Trust us we will be back here again before the 4th! Each year our party keeps growing!
6/13/10 order

1st guys buying some of the new spring 2010 consumer c items ! Guaranteed themselves first pick of the new lot of choice goods.
2010 Boom Town Firework Customer

Getting a jump start on the Father's Day Specials!

Our parents let us pick out what we wanted !!
Future B Boys

We love Big Breaker Artillery Shells and those 16000 roll crackers!

GOT TO LOAD UP NOW BEFORE THEY RUN OUT OF OUR FAV'S- We have learned to shop early!!!
Father's Day Special- Free T-Shirt w $500.00 purchase

What we think of stores that over charge for fireworks
Hurry over to Boom Town Fireworks!

Thanks for the great product and tremendous service!
Alex L

Train your daughters early in what Dad really wants .....Artillery Shells!
New Father's Day Tradition!

Our B boys buying some C filler for their show
Father's Day Order- They shopped early!

May 9th, 2010 we are making a pyro video/movie clip as part of our final grad film course project. Bought our materials at Boom Town Fireworks Dyer Ind on the advise of another former Northwestern Univ grad student who had great film success with BTF owner's creative coaching
Northwestern Univ Evanston IL Photography Grad Student Thesis Project

Our shift manager earned his brief time out today
Taking Leaving it all in the doors of the store to a new level

Robin is originally from England., now settled in West Michigan.... likes to visit us a couple of times during the year... He puts on one great Guy Falkes Day Event!
Robin bought his brother in law today for a shopping cart of Boom Town's best

Best packing job.
Truckbed of Pyro savings!

Little pip squeak fountain and TNT Crickets Fountains are kid favorites!

Despite Chinese shortages... we have a wide selection of great new cakes and shells- at very aggressive prices.
Containers are in Shelves are loaded and ready! Come on in... we have the best prices/products!!

Boomtown Fireworks in Dyer IN family shoppers are the best!

We love seeing the smiles on our shoppers when they see our prices!

Best product, best prices, best service

Foolish to shop anywhere else. BoomTown Fireworks/Dyer Indiana has it all!

Best prices, Best selection
Yearly shoppers- Best prices, Best selection
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